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Swimming Lesson Development Scheme for Children


In this group children will progress from absolute beginners wearing swimming aids, to swimming short distances of recognisable strokes on the front and back unaided. They will also learn the essential water skills of submersion, jumping in and floating.

Emerging Swimmers

Now children are swimming without aids they will continue to develop stroke technique, and will be encouraged to swim greater distances and venture into deep water. Water skills will be developed to include underwater swimming, retrieval of objects from the pool floor and treading water.


Children will begin swimming lengths to develop stamina, and will continue to be taught stroke technique to ease the transition to length swimming. Water skills will be developed to enable children to feel comfortable and confident in deep water and under the water.

Rewarding Achievement

Throughout the Beginners, Emerging Swimmers and Improvers classes children will work towards Swim England Rainbow Distance awards and Water Skills awards; and

The Swim England Challenge Awards

Children will continue to be taught effective stroke technique in front crawl, breaststroke and back stroke, and basic butterfly will be introduced. Water skills will be developed including underwater swimming, surface diving and floating. Personal survival skills such as swimming in clothes, sculling and treading water will be taught. Stamina and speed will be developed as stroke technique improves.

Follow the links below to find the award assessment criteria:

Personal Survival,
Challenge Awards,


For children who have achieved the Swim England Gold Challenge award coaching groups aim to develop all four competitive swimming strokes. Competitive starts and turns including tumble turns, touch turns, racing dives from starting blocks and underwater stroke conversions will also be introduced. Children will be encouraged to develop individual pacing skills, use of the pace clock and improvement of speed and stamina through training sessions.

Children will work towards long distance swims of 1 mile, 2000 metres and 3000 metres and will be timed each term for the Swim England Speed Awards,

Swimming Lesson Development Scheme for Adults


For adults of all ages this group is aimed at those who cannot swim a stroke, are frightened of water or have never had the opportunity to learn to swim, and are now willing to take the plunge. A teacher will be in the water with swimmers and progressions will be tailored to individuals, with lots of support on offer. The beginners group will cater for all adults working towards 50 metres of swimming on the front and back and will develop confidence in deep water through the introduction of treading water. Here’s a reminder of what to bring to that first adult swimming lesson;


Are you a competent swimmer in deep water, can you swim a few lengths but then feel tired, do you swim only one stroke and would like to learn others? Then this is the group for you. In improvers we will aim to teach you good stroke technique for breaststroke, backstroke and front crawl and will focus on mastering breathing technique so you can swim further and faster without having to work so hard. Lessons will be designed around individuals needs and teachers will be in the water to assist when necessary!


For adults who can swim at least 100 metres of breaststroke, front crawl and backstroke, coaching groups aim to improve the technique of all the swimming strokes, and introduce butterfly, diving and turns. Sessions will include speed and stamina practices, new drills and water skills. If you want to take your swimming to the next level for either competition or recreation, coaching sessions will give you that opportunity.

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